Why Review HOAs?

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My name is Rick Houston and I am a realtor in Brevard County, Florida.  As a realtor in Cape Canaveral, Florida I show many condos along the Atlantic Ocean and Banana River.  The question I am asked most often is: “what about the HOA or condo association?”.   Without actually living in the building or neighborhood it was difficult to answer this question accurately.

I then discovered there was not a resource where my clients could “review” the HOA or HOCA for their potential new home.  Yet, they could go to Trip Advisor or Yelp and read reviews of all the restaurants and businesses surrounding this property.  HOAs and HOCAs are polarizing topics which neighbors engage in almost daily discussions.

So, the idea for this website was born. With the intent of providing a resource where potential buyers of homes, condos and co-ops around the USA and Canada could reviews of HOAs, HOCAs and Co-op boards BEFORE they moved in.

My personal experiences with HOAs and HOCAs began when I recently moved from a Merritt Island home into a condo in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  Although I lived with an HOA in our last neighborhood, they only managed the common grounds and the fee was less than $300 per year.  Needless to say, I did not hear from them often.  When my neighbor cut down all the trees on his side of my property, they were useless and offered no help to resolve the matter.

When I moved into a Cape Canaveral condo, I did not realize how much the HOA (HOCA for condo associations) affected your daily lives.  Our condo dues are $395 per month and this fee covers the usual stuff like the roof, outside of the building, pool maintenance and lawn maintenance.  I received “condo docs” to review before moving in but did not really know what to look for and could not identify any “red flags”.  I wish I had a resource like this to read about my condo association BEFORE I moved in.

Please help me build this database by “Reviewing Your HOA” now.  Please keep in mind, to be firm and realistic with your review and write it like you would to a “friend” you wish to move into your neighborhood or complex.  Warn them about potential assessments and board members with negative energy who need to be replaced.  Let them know about the specific rules which may affect their lives, like how many dogs or pets you may have, rental restrictions or if you can park your RV or company truck at your home.

I have compiled a list of HOA Terms & Definitions to help you understand the world of HOAs and HOCAs.

Also, I have archived Famous HOA Battles for your reading pleasure.  Thank you for your help!


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